Canada’s Leading Live Wedding Artist

Canada’s leading Live Wedding Artist captures your event on canvas while the event takes place !

Events of the day will be captured on canvas or other medium, in acrylic paint and offered to you on that day!

Live Event Artistry is the perfect gift for any celebration.

 Weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties, business events, golf tournaments and fund raisers are captured as the event occurs.

Olga arrives an hour before the start of the event and she begins to sketch and paint the background. She will identify  the important details of who to included in the live event painting ahead of time.

As the guests arrive, they love seeing the transformation of watching themselves appear on canvas.

Live Wedding Artist Olga Pankova

Olga is a sought after artist, specializing in Live Wedding Painting locally in the Toronto GTA area and
she brings a lifetime of experience as an portraitist and fine artist.

The wedding painting that Olga creates as the guests observe her paint is a unique work of art!

Olga is a truly unique addition to your wedding which will also provide entertainment for your guests throughout the evening.

Live Event Artistry is an art practice of Olga Pankova, an international portrait artist.
Event professionals throughout the country seek out Olga’s live entertainment services.

This is truly a great way to preserve your most memorable events, Contact Olga at (647) 889-6297 and discuss your event details.  You can contact Olga here: Contact Form

In addition to Olga’s live entertainment services, additional information regarding Olga’s art works can be found here:

Make your wedding a a unique and exclusive event, contact Olga today.

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